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Monday, June 25, 2012

Score big with these Android soccer games

Soccer has become one of my family’s favorite sports. All the boys play and we try to catch as many matches on TV as we can. With Euro 2012 at the knockout stage, soccer is on everyone’s mind. Here are some cool soccer games for Android, so get on your cleats, pull out your Android, and let’s see if we can score.
This was one of the first games I purchased for my Android. Soccer Superstars is packed with lots of soccer action. You select your team and then decide what you want to play. Your options are exhibition game, league play, season mode, cup mode, and dramatic mode. There are six groupings of teams based on location. Also, on each team you can have one “super player.”

Before you start your match you can then check out your opponent’s info, set up strategy settings, general match settings such as time, difficulty, weather, and then of course your own team management. The game is played from the third-person point of view and you control players with a virtual joystick. Once you select season or cup mode, there is a whole number of different team management options which makes the game much more challenging and in-depth.
This is a massive game in terms of content and size. After the initial download, you will need to download an additional 1.2GB. FIFA 12 by EA Sports is probably one of the most complete and realistic soccer games for Android with 22 officially licensed leagues, 500+ licensed teams and more than 15,000 players. The game is played from the third-person point of view and you control your player via a virtual joystick and buttons.

FIFA 12 has a lot of different playing modes. There is a daily challenge you can do, plus league and cup play. You can work on your skills or on penalty shoot-outs in the practice arena. When you play a match, you can select uniforms, stadium, weather and even ball color. There is large number of in-game achievements to earn and even a trophy area where to can admire your hardware. Listening to the in game announcers is just as fun as playing the match itself.
Magnetic Sports Soccer is a simple and fun soccer game. The game will remind you of the old foosball table games. You control one player at a time. Simply pull back the player and aim to hit the ball. The harder you pull back, the harder the kick. The players are magnetic so the metal ball will eventually find a player. Taking some time and planning your moves will go a long way.
The game allows for single player and multiplayer games. Within the multiplayer options, you can play two players on one device or online. The lite version of the game only has quick match options for single players. The full version of the game has OpenFeint, 30 achievements, multiple playing fields, four levels of difficulty, and you can publish scores on Facebook.

Real Soccer is another very realistic soccer game for Android. For first-time players there is a nice tutorial so you can learn how to play. The game boasts 350 teams and 14 league championships. As with the others, the game is played from the third-person point of view and you control your players with a virtual joystick. Real Soccer 2012 is free, but there are a number of in-app purchases you can make to unlock different stadiums, ball styles, teams, matches and stamina upgrades.
The game has a number of different game options. You can play a quick match or a single-player game. It is in the single-player game that you can access different cup and league play. There is also a training area so you can work on your skills. There is a section called “Lucky Shot” where you can win some in-game items. The other main area is the editor, where you can change players, teams, stadiums and so on. One thing I did find was the game took a while to load up, even over Wi-Fi.
Top Eleven is a social, team management game that has been very popular on Facebook. To play this game, you will need to log-in in with your Facebook account. For new players, the game begins with a tutorial to cover the basics. This is a game for those who like the strategy and the details involved in managing a soccer team.
As this game is free and based on Facebook, there is a huge social aspect to the game, as well as in app purchases. In the game you will create your own soccer team and play against friends and other players in leagues, cups, champion leagues or friendly matches. The games that are played are scheduled which will allow you to manage and deal with your time on the “off days.” Things you will need to deal with include injuries, retirements, morale, player rest, salaries, contracts and much more. This really is a very complex and deep game.
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