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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Xbox Live to translate in-game rewards to real-life rewards this fall

Details are virtually non-existant, but the possibilities go on for miles (and are awesome)
Once a novelty, in-game achievements are now pretty much a part of every major video game. They're a different way to play, a new way to reward players who accomplish impressive in-game feats. All an achievement (or trophy, as they're often called) offers is an in-game toast to celebrate the accomplishment and bragging rights with your friends.

Or, at least, that's all achievements offer until this Fall, when Xbox Live is rolling out a new mechanism to give players real-life rewards for their in-game feats, per a tweet from theXbox LIVE Rewards account.
Unfortunately, that's the only bit of news we've gotten so far — just one hell of a tease. But it's not hard to imagine exactly how such a program might work. Say you're playing the new Devil May Cry and you rack up a nice string of achievements for decapitating 100 demons in row. You might be able to then redeem those achievement points for discounts, contest entries, or possibly even physical goods such as a DmC sticker or t-shirt.
This article was written by Fox Van Allen and originally appeared on Tecca
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